Creating Email Autoresponders

By | March 14, 2013

How to create Email Auto responder?

Email Responders helps you to respond independently to the messages you received in your mail box. Suppose you are going for vacation for some time, you can inform your friends or colleagues through auto responder regarding your absence, they will receive the message automatically even if, you will not respond to their messages. We provide google web hosting India

Check out the video tutorial to email Auto responder:

A detailed Tutorial on Email Auto responder

Step 1: Click on Auto responder button, to access auto responder menu,


Step 2: On the next page of Auto Responders, click on Add Auto Responder to add new auto responder.


Step 3: In Inway Hosting the next page of Modify/ add auto responder, enter the name of Email address from which you wish to send auto responder mails, choose the subject of auto responder mails, and set the character from drop down menu. Click on HTML Message checkbox, to send the message in HTML format.

Then write the message/content of the mail.


Step 4: To create auto responder, click on Create/ Modify button.

You can also change the message by clicking on the Edit button located next to it on the same page.


Click on Delete button, if you want to delete auto responder.

Be careful about the character of email address, as it should be error free. We provide Email Hosting India


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