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Managing Accounts

How to Manage Accounts? Account Functions is the most useful feature of WHM section, where management of actual hosting accounts takes place. Here we have described each functions briefly, you can go through it one by one: Accounts sections include the following functions mentioned below: Creating New Account – it helps in creating new hosting accounts,… Read More »

Default Address (Catch-all Email Address)

Setting up Default Email Address Default or catch all email address is the address to wish all emails are routed to a non available email id or mistakenly entered email account.  For e.g. someone sends email at info@yourdomain .com and you don’t have such an account, and then catch all option will forward this message… Read More »

Email Security

Improving Security of your email Email security means security of Email login details and email messages. Security risk factor is very high during data transmission, mainly on mobile and wireless networks. That’s why, it is suggested to use encryption when you are sending or checking emails. And this can be done with the help of… Read More »

How to use MySQL Query Browser to access a database and execute queries on it

Using My SQL Query Browser to access database and execute queries in it My SQL Query Browser looks exactly similar to My SQL administrator application. Firstly enter the log in details for establishing connection with My SQL. The domain name can be your server Host and you can use cPanel login details to access all… Read More »

PHP/MySQL Tutorial – PHP MySQL Connection

PHP My SQL Tutorial – PHP My SQL connection Methods to select Individual records Step 5: As shown in complete database, PHP is used for selecting individual records or records matching certain criteria. To proceed with this, use variation of SELECT query and use this query for displaying the whole table. We provide website hosting… Read More »


FileZilla Basics FileZilla FileZilla is free and highly advanced software used for transferring files from one computer to another over internet. FileZilla is the most sophisticated FTP client used by webmasters all over the world. In this chapter, you will learn about managing websites with the help of FileZilla. We will describe everything regarding its… Read More »