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Email Forwarders -2 Forwarding Email (email aliases) Inway Hosting Email Forwarding is a process by which same emails are send from one account to another again and again. Suppose you have an account webmaster@yourdomainname.com, info@yourdomainname.com etc..And you want same emails which you received in the given email address to be in jim@yourdomain.com ,then simply you… Read More »

PHP/MySQL Tutorial – PHP MySQL Connection

PHP My SQL Tutorial – PHP My SQL connection Methods to select Individual records Step 5: As shown in complete database, PHP is used for selecting individual records or records matching certain criteria. To proceed with this, use variation of SELECT query and use this query for displaying the whole table. We provide website hosting… Read More »

Account Information

Information related to Account On the left side of cPanel section located the column of Account information, Inway Hosting provides you all the information related to your hosting account. We provide linux web hosting india The details are given below as following: Hosting package – Displays the name of hosting account package. IP Address –… Read More »

cPanel Databases Tutorial

cPanel Database Inway Hosting Database column of cPanel plays a vital role in creating My SQL and Postgre SQLdatabase and permits users to access and modify the database whenever required. SQL means Structured Query Language.SQL is a specially designed programming language and an international standard which includes insert, query, update and delete, creation and modification and… Read More »

Account Information and Stats

Account Details and Statistics Inway hosting tutorial provides all the tools available with cPanel which illustrate account information and statistics usage. Apart from this in your cPanel hosting account you can locate multiple in house built tools which provide all the necessary information of the accounts. My SQL Databases Link related to Account information Link… Read More »