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First Steps in WHM – Initial Login and a Quick Tour

First Step of WHM – Login and Quick Tour For accessing WHM, first of all you have to Add/ WHM to your domain name (it’s important that domain should be pointed towards VPS with Inway hosting). For e.g. if site name is domain.com, then one can access their WHM interface by visiting http://domain.com/whm. If the… Read More »


Email Forwarders -2 Forwarding Email (email aliases) Inway Hosting Email Forwarding is a process by which same emails are send from one account to another again and again. Suppose you have an account webmaster@yourdomainname.com, info@yourdomainname.com etc..And you want same emails which you received in the given email address to be in jim@yourdomain.com ,then simply you… Read More »

Smart Phones Tutorial

A Detailed Tutorial on Smart Phone Smart phones: Email configuration Today Smart phones are very important part of wireless communications. They provide various features even for big screen devices like tablets, laptops, desktops etc… included in it. With the help of smart phone one can easily configure and manage their emails. We provide Email Hosting… Read More »

How to use MySQL Administrator to restore a database

Using My SQL Administrator to restore database Click on “Restore” button located at the Left side of menu. Then select “Open Backup File” option visible at the bottom of the screen. Find and open .SQL file which you have created with the help of back up option. We provide Website registration India My SQL Administrator… Read More »

PHP/MySQL Tutorial – Creating a database table

PHP/My SQL Tutorial: How to create a database table? Firstly, create a table and fix the corresponding fields in it before proceeding and making any amendments in your database. If you want to create a table in PhpMyAdmin it’s quite simple and easy as you have to type the name, select the numbers of field… Read More »