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Managing Accounts

How to Manage Accounts? Account Functions is the most useful feature of WHM section, where management of actual hosting accounts takes place. Here we have described each functions briefly, you can go through it one by one: Accounts sections include the following functions mentioned below: Creating New Account – it helps in creating new hosting accounts,… Read More »

Email Security: User/Account level filtering

Email Filtration Inway Hosting Email Filtration is the process which helps emails to systematize them in a specified manner. Although it refers to automatic process of incoming messages but sometimes it is also interrupted by human minds in addition to anti spam techniques. Step 1: Log into cPanel of your account, and click on User… Read More »

Smart Phones Tutorial

A Detailed Tutorial on Smart Phone Smart phones: Email configuration Today Smart phones are very important part of wireless communications. They provide various features even for big screen devices like tablets, laptops, desktops etc… included in it. With the help of smart phone one can easily configure and manage their emails. We provide Email Hosting… Read More »

PHP/MySQL Tutorial – PHP MySQL Connection

PHP My SQL Tutorial – PHP My SQL connection Methods to select Individual records Step 5: As shown in complete database, PHP is used for selecting individual records or records matching certain criteria. To proceed with this, use variation of SELECT query and use this query for displaying the whole table. We provide website hosting… Read More »

What is MySQL?

Basics of My SQL My SQL is the world’s most recommended Open source Relational Database Management System which provides multi user access to a numerous database using SQL (structured Query Language). SQL is the most accepted language use to add, access and manage content in database. MySQL is the most vital content of every open… Read More »