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Default Address (Catch-all Email Address)

Setting up Default Email Address Default or catch all email address is the address to wish all emails are routed to a non available email id or mistakenly entered email account.  For e.g. someone sends email at info@yourdomain .com and you don’t have such an account, and then catch all option will forward this message… Read More »


Set up Email domain Forwarding Inway Hosting email Domain Forwarding Forwards all emails which got received to a particular domain name to another domain name.  Suppose domain.com is redirected to send all mails to domain.net, then all mails send to domain.com will be redirected to corresponding user on domain.net(for e.g. mike@domain.com will be redirected to… Read More »

Email Tutorial

Email Tutorial Email tutorial of Inway Hosting provides detailed information required to set up and manage email accounts of your domain.  First of all create your own domain and hosting account to have your own personal email address and to proceed the work. In way Hosting provides inclusive Link to Professional Email hosting, if you… Read More »

Smart Phones: Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile: Smart phones In Inway Hosting chapter, you will learn about, setting an email account on touch screen smart phone which functions with the help of windows mobile. The old windows mobile appliances set ups are also same. You can follow the guidelines published on Inway hosting tutorial, if you do not have an… Read More »

How to use MySQL Administrator to restore a database

Using My SQL Administrator to restore database Click on “Restore” button located at the Left side of menu. Then select “Open Backup File” option visible at the bottom of the screen. Find and open .SQL file which you have created with the help of back up option. We provide Website registration India My SQL Administrator… Read More »