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Email Tutorial

Email Tutorial Email tutorial of Inway Hosting provides detailed information required to set up and manage email accounts of your domain.  First of all create your own domain and hosting account to have your own personal email address and to proceed the work. In way Hosting provides inclusive Link to Professional Email hosting, if you… Read More »

Symbian e-mail settings

Symbian Email settings Email settings on mobile phone working on symbian are also very simple and easy. With the help of your smart phone find messages –>>options –>>settings –>>emails –>>mailboxes. Select the option Link and open a new mail box Select either IMAP4 /POP3 incoming server from the given option. Enter complete email address, and… Read More »

Smart Phones: Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile: Smart phones In Inway Hosting chapter, you will learn about, setting an email account on touch screen smart phone which functions with the help of windows mobile. The old windows mobile appliances set ups are also same. You can follow the guidelines published on Inway hosting tutorial, if you do not have an… Read More »

Pear Modules

By default all InwayHosting servers have the following Pear packages installed: Archive_Tar Auth_SASL Console_Getopt DB HTML_Template_IT HTTP_Request Log MDB2 MDB2_Driver_mysql MDB2_Driver_mysqli MDB2_Driver_pgsql Mail Mail_Mime Mail_mimeDecode Net_DIME Net_Socket Net_URL Net_URL2 Net_UserAgent_Detect PEAR PEAR_Frontend_Web SOAP Structures_Graph XML_RPC The latest stable versions of Pear modules are installed on all InwayHosting servers as a part of our LINK Professional… Read More »

How to use MySQL Query Browser to access a database and execute queries on it

Using My SQL Query Browser to access database and execute queries in it My SQL Query Browser looks exactly similar to My SQL administrator application. Firstly enter the log in details for establishing connection with My SQL. The domain name can be your server Host and you can use cPanel login details to access all… Read More »

PHP/MySQL Tutorial – Creating a database table

PHP/My SQL Tutorial: How to create a database table? Firstly, create a table and fix the corresponding fields in it before proceeding and making any amendments in your database. If you want to create a table in PhpMyAdmin it’s quite simple and easy as you have to type the name, select the numbers of field… Read More »