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Email Security

Improving Security of your email Email security means security of Email login details and email messages. Security risk factor is very high during data transmission, mainly on mobile and wireless networks. That’s why, it is suggested to use encryption when you are sending or checking emails. And this can be done with the help of… Read More »

How to use MySQL Query Browser to access a database and execute queries on it

Using My SQL Query Browser to access database and execute queries in it My SQL Query Browser looks exactly similar to My SQL administrator application. Firstly enter the log in details for establishing connection with My SQL. The domain name can be your server Host and you can use cPanel login details to access all… Read More »


FileZilla Basics FileZilla FileZilla is free and highly advanced software used for transferring files from one computer to another over internet. FileZilla is the most sophisticated FTP client used by webmasters all over the world. In this chapter, you will learn about managing websites with the help of FileZilla. We will describe everything regarding its… Read More »

cPanel Advanced Tutorial

cPanel Advanced Tutorial Inway Hosting Advanced segment of cPanel you can find several tools whose functions are described below:- We provide best web hosting india Apache Handlers– this tool helps in defining different types of files that cab be accessed by Apache. Image Manger – this tool helps in managing images of your account. You… Read More »

How to manage MySQL database tables with PhpMyAdmin

Managing My SQL database Tables through PhpMyAdmin The main role of PhpMyAdmin is to manage database. Click on the database option, select the database which you want to operates and click on it again. We provide website hosting india The new page opened, will contain list of database tables along with its action, the complete… Read More »