Addon Domains

By | March 11, 2013

Add-on Domains

Inway Hosting Addon Domain is a full functional Domain which can be created within cPanel interface. Addon Domains invites its users to add addon domains to their account. Once you are inserting the addon domain name into the browser, addon domain allows it users to reach the domain successfully. Cheap hosting India shows that Additional domains can be hosted in your account.

Please visit the video tutorial, for Creating and Managing Addon Domains:


Step 1: Enter into your cPanel interface and click on respective icon visible on main screen for accessing Addon Domains tool.

Step 2: Enter addon domain name in the space provided next to New Domain Name.

Step 3: Enter name in Sub domain/FTP Username which will be the position for the addon domain’s files, similarly as public_html is the position for your primary domain’s files.)

Step 4: Enter the password of new addon domain, and click on Add Domain Button.

Enter your username and password to login through FTP and upload files directly through add on Domains.
For using a domain name as an addon Domain you require an addon slot. Addon domains in Inway Hosting are approved on higher devices like Hosting PLUS, Semi Dedicated, etc. You may need to upgrade it from Customer area, if you are using a standard web hosting account.
Before adding Addon domains, they require it to be registered through a legitimate registrar for domain name. It’s important to note that, account should be capable enough to apply Addon domains before attempting to add new one.
Also note that domain name is not included in Addon slot. You can order them separately from your Customer area, if you need domain names also.
How to Remove an Addon Domain?

You can also eliminate addon domains from your account by following way:

Step 1:  Click on the corresponding icon located on the main screen of your cPanel interface, to access Addon Domains tools.

Step 2: click on the Remove link located next to it for removing an addon domain.

Addon domain can also be forwarded to one more URL via Managing Redirection link.

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