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Set up Email domain Forwarding Inway Hosting email Domain Forwarding Forwards all emails which got received to a particular domain name to another domain name.  Suppose domain.com is redirected to send all mails to domain.net, then all mails send to domain.com will be redirected to corresponding user on domain.net(for e.g. mike@domain.com will be redirected to… Read More »

Email Security: User/Account level filtering

Email Filtration Inway Hosting Email Filtration is the process which helps emails to systematize them in a specified manner. Although it refers to automatic process of incoming messages but sometimes it is also interrupted by human minds in addition to anti spam techniques. Step 1: Log into cPanel of your account, and click on User… Read More »

Spam Protection: SpamAssasin

Using Email Spam protection Spam Assassin is the email protection provided by Web Host solution. It is a tool that filters independently by using wide range of heuristic algorithm on headers and main body of the message to identify unsolicited mail “SPAM”. This software is much updated and so can eliminate nearby 100% of all… Read More »

Pear Modules

By default all InwayHosting servers have the following Pear packages installed: Archive_Tar Auth_SASL Console_Getopt DB HTML_Template_IT HTTP_Request Log MDB2 MDB2_Driver_mysql MDB2_Driver_mysqli MDB2_Driver_pgsql Mail Mail_Mime Mail_mimeDecode Net_DIME Net_Socket Net_URL Net_URL2 Net_UserAgent_Detect PEAR PEAR_Frontend_Web SOAP Structures_Graph XML_RPC The latest stable versions of Pear modules are installed on all InwayHosting servers as a part of our LINK Professional… Read More »

FileZilla Tutorial: Functions

Functions of FileZilla FileZilla has several characters which makes its usage easy and broadens its functions. Inway Hosting chapter, we will describe various functions of FileZilla. Site Manager First function is Site Manager; it is located in File Menu. With its help one can store the details of connection for developing a new website. So,… Read More »

FileZilla Tutorial: Features

A complete Guide on FileZilla Features One of the biggest advantage of FileZilla is that this application is very user friendly, and can be easily uploaded, downloaded, and manage the files and folders. And this software provides utmost security and save your data from being encrypted while connecting to the server. We provide FTP Hosting… Read More »