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WHM Reseller Tutorial

A  Detailed tutorial on WHM Reseller WHM means Web hosting Manager, is the managerial element of cPanel control panel software and supervise all features of hosting service.WHM permits its users to manage their hosting server through an intitutive easily available interface for e.g. it offers you to create and manage, add and edit hosting plans… Read More »

Creating Email Autoresponders

How to create Email Auto responder? Email Responders helps you to respond independently to the messages you received in your mail box. Suppose you are going for vacation for some time, you can inform your friends or colleagues through auto responder regarding your absence, they will receive the message automatically even if, you will not… Read More »

Spam Protection: SpamAssasin

Using Email Spam protection Spam Assassin is the email protection provided by Web Host solution. It is a tool that filters independently by using wide range of heuristic algorithm on headers and main body of the message to identify unsolicited mail “SPAM”. This software is much updated and so can eliminate nearby 100% of all… Read More »

Email Security

Improving Security of your email Email security means security of Email login details and email messages. Security risk factor is very high during data transmission, mainly on mobile and wireless networks. That’s why, it is suggested to use encryption when you are sending or checking emails. And this can be done with the help of… Read More »

How to use phpMyAdmin

My SQL Tutorial: Using PhpMyAdmin Accessing and Managing your My SQL Database – PhpMyAdmin There are two methods for accessing and managing your newly created database. One is primarily through web based manager- PhpMyAdmin located in Database section of cPanel. You will be redirected to the new webpage and load PhpMyAdmin as shown below: Check… Read More »

FileZilla Tutorial: Features

A complete Guide on FileZilla Features One of the biggest advantage of FileZilla is that this application is very user friendly, and can be easily uploaded, downloaded, and manage the files and folders. And this software provides utmost security and save your data from being encrypted while connecting to the server. We provide FTP Hosting… Read More »