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What is MySQL?

Basics of My SQL My SQL is the world’s most recommended Open source Relational Database Management System which provides multi user access to a numerous database using SQL (structured Query Language). SQL is the most accepted language use to add, access and manage content in database. MySQL is the most vital content of every open… Read More »

HotLink Protection Tutorial

Hot Link Protection Hot Link Protection is a tool which allows its users to check and stops other websites from directly connecting to files located on your website. This shows that whenever another website visits your place, it cannot upload pictures from your website. In Inway Hosting you can prevent rising outbound traffic for your… Read More »

Account Information and Stats

Account Details and Statistics Inway hosting tutorial provides all the tools available with cPanel which illustrate account information and statistics usage. Apart from this in your cPanel hosting account you can locate multiple in house built tools which provide all the necessary information of the accounts. My SQL Databases Link related to Account information Link… Read More »