Standard Cron Jobs

By | March 11, 2013

Standard cron Jobs

Cron jobs – The word cron originated from Greek word “chronos” means time. Cron jobs are long running process which mainly allows commands to run at certain time interval as required by the job .For e.g.- Setting Cron jobs into the operating system, surely delete all the old and unused files from the hard disk after certain period and can provide more space to save new files. We provides the Best web hosting india.

Tutorial tips for cron jobs

Inway Hosting tutorial can start from the main screen of cPanel interface; locate into its advance section, and click on the corresponding icon, to access corn jobs menu.

How to set up a Corn job?

Step 1: Click on the “Cron Jobs” icon located on the main screen of cPanel interface, to  access its settings.

Step 2: Enter your e- mail id in the box corresponding to cron Email and click on update

Step 3: Go to “add new cron job” section, where you can add common settings and command as per your wish.

Step 4: Common setting menu allows you to choose the intervals you wish to run the cron job…Minute, hour, day, week etc…

Step 5 : Specify the commands and click on add new cron jobs, save changes and set up cron jobs.

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 How to delete cron jobs?

Cron job can be deleted very easily from cpanel if it is not in use,

Step 1: In the same cPanel interface, there is the section of current cron jobs, besides commands you can find the corresponding icon for deleting the cron jobs.

Step 2: click the delete button to remove the cron jobs permanently.

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