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Creating Email Autoresponders

How to create Email Auto responder? Email Responders helps you to respond independently to the messages you received in your mail box. Suppose you are going for vacation for some time, you can inform your friends or colleagues through auto responder regarding your absence, they will receive the message automatically even if, you will not… Read More »


Set up Email domain Forwarding Inway Hosting email Domain Forwarding Forwards all emails which got received to a particular domain name to another domain name.  Suppose domain.com is redirected to send all mails to domain.net, then all mails send to domain.com will be redirected to corresponding user on domain.net(for e.g. mike@domain.com will be redirected to… Read More »

Email Security: User/Account level filtering

Email Filtration Inway Hosting Email Filtration is the process which helps emails to systematize them in a specified manner. Although it refers to automatic process of incoming messages but sometimes it is also interrupted by human minds in addition to anti spam techniques. Step 1: Log into cPanel of your account, and click on User… Read More »

How to configure email clients

Configuring Email Clients To configure your Webmail you can employ either webmail interface or an email client. Check Inway Hosting Tutorial for using Link cPanel webmail. It depends on you which email client you want to use such as Microsoft Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Eudora, there settings are given below: Incoming mail… Read More »