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Smart Phones Tutorial

A Detailed Tutorial on Smart Phone Smart phones: Email configuration Today Smart phones are very important part of wireless communications. They provide various features even for big screen devices like tablets, laptops, desktops etc… included in it. With the help of smart phone one can easily configure and manage their emails. We provide Email Hosting… Read More »

What is MySQL?

Basics of My SQL My SQL is the world’s most recommended Open source Relational Database Management System which provides multi user access to a numerous database using SQL (structured Query Language). SQL is the most accepted language use to add, access and manage content in database. MySQL is the most vital content of every open… Read More »

Software Autoinstallers

Software Auto Installer Inway Hosting chapter, you will learn about using different single- click installation options provided by Inway Hosting. We have put all our efforts to give you the best tools for installing applications vey rapidly and without any complications. We provide ecommerce web hosting india Topics of Software Auto installers of this Tutorial:… Read More »

cPanel Files Section

Files Section of cPanel Inway Hosting the Files section located in cPanel consist of the following tools – Backups, Legacy File Manager, Backup Wizard, FTP accounts, FTP Tutorials,  FTP Session Control, File Manager, Backup restore and Anonymous FTP: Backups – This tool allows the users to download from your PC an archive copy of either entire… Read More »

How to create a database with PhpMyAdmin, add tables, backup and restore it

Creating a Database through PhpMyAdmin, Adding Tables, Keeping back ups, and restoring Database In Inway Hosting this chapter of PhpMyAdmin Tutorial, you will learn about How to create a new Database? How to add table with records? How to create a Database back up and restoring database? Firstly, we will start with creation of Database.… Read More »

How to manage MySQL database tables with PhpMyAdmin

Managing My SQL database Tables through PhpMyAdmin The main role of PhpMyAdmin is to manage database. Click on the database option, select the database which you want to operates and click on it again. We provide website hosting india The new page opened, will contain list of database tables along with its action, the complete… Read More »

How to Change File and Folder Permissions (CHMOD) with SmartFTP

Guidelines for changing File and Folder permissions (CHMOD) with Smart FTP Basics of CHMOD – The full form of CHMOD is “Change Mode”. CHMOD is the UNIX command used to change and access the file system (both Files and Directories). Generally there are three modes of a file which can be enabled or disabled –… Read More »

How to use your existing domain with Inway

Tips to Use Your Existing Domain with Inway web hosting India have a very good option of using the existing Domain name, while making a new  account  with Inway; it’s quite easy and convenient also. You just have to follow the simple procedure of replacing your old Host DNA settings with the new Inway Hosting accounts.… Read More »