How to Change File and Folder Permissions (CHMOD) with SmartFTP

By | March 8, 2013

Guidelines for changing File and Folder permissions (CHMOD) with Smart FTP

Basics of CHMOD

The full form of CHMOD is “Change Mode”. CHMOD is the UNIX command used to change and access the file system (both Files and Directories). Generally there are three modes of a file which can be enabled or disabled – Read, write and execute. And all the modes can be fixed for owners, their member/Groups or users.

In Inway Hosting will teach you about methods of changing the permission of files using SmartFTP. SmartFTP is an FTP client used for windows, which offers lots of services in backup tool, firewall support, transfer queue, multiple connection, drag and drop facility etc… It can be downloaded very easily and is much friendly with our hosting services.

In web hosting India you will learn about, methods of changing permission of your files through FTP. This tutorial will help you in successful completion of this process through File manger tool located on cPanel.

Methods of Using CHMOD –

Firstly download and install FTP client and connect to your FTP server. You can use the same login details – username and password required for your Inway Hosting account used for cPanel.

Locate the files and folders for which you want to change the permission, once you got connected with the server. Suppose we have to modify the permission on public_html /cache folder and all the sub files and directories located in it.


A new list of option will be displayed, after pressing right click on the cache folder situated in Public_html. Select the option “Properties”.


Instantly, a new window will open along with Field Permission. The value of the field has to be change according to the number displayed on the documentation of the product. For example in this screen shot, you can see the value of permission is 750.


You are open to change the value of permission of all files and folder under cache directory. SmartFTP is a free FTP client that mainly allows it users to quickly transfer the files through internet. SmartFTP is a superb tool that mainly allows it users to edit the permissions instantly. This shows that the number you have entered in permission space will be equally applied to all files and folder of existing section.

To proceed further you can click on the option visible as “apply changes to this folder, subfolder and files shown below. To execute the whole process, it may take several minutes for changing the permission of files.

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