What is PhpMyAdmin?

By | March 8, 2013


PhpMyAdmin is one of the most powerful PHP applications and MY SQL administration tools used with the help of web browser. This software is capable of performing numerous functions such as creating, modifying and deleting data’s, fields, tables and rows, by managing users and functions and executing SQL statements.

Inway Hosting Tutorial provides their client pre-installed software incorporated in cPanel through which they can manage their MY SQL database.

In this chapter, you will learn about various uses of PhpMyAdmin and to manage MY SQL database through it. We provide Cloud Hosting India

 This tutorial contains following topics of PhpMyAdmin:-

  • Characteristics features of PhpMyAdmin
  • Installing PhpMyAdmin
  • PhpMyAdmin Administrative function
  • Managing MY SQL database through PhpMyAdmin
  • Creating database through PhpMyAdmin, adding tables, backup and restoring all.
  • Repairing and optimizing database table with PhpMyAdmin
  • Running MY SQL  Query with PhpMyAdmin
  • PhpMyAdmin operation works

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