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Email Forwarders -2 Forwarding Email (email aliases) Inway Hosting Email Forwarding is a process by which same emails are send from one account to another again and again. Suppose you have an account webmaster@yourdomainname.com, info@yourdomainname.com etc..And you want same emails which you received in the given email address to be in jim@yourdomain.com ,then simply you… Read More »

Softaculous Tutorial: How to upgrade a script

Upgrading a script via Softaculous A Softaculous developer launches latest versions of applications frequently, which can be configured through auto installer. You can visit home page to access Softaculous. There you can see updates at the top of page, whether a new application is installed or not. Once you click on “Note” you will be redirected… Read More »

Softaculous: Install Scripts

Install Scripts via Softaculous Inway Hosting chapter, you will learn methods to install scripts via Softaculous Auto installer. To explain it more clearly, we are installing Word press, a renowned blogging application.  However you can use any scripts well placed in Softaculous hosting packages. Sign in to cPanel Inway Hosting, login to your cPanel, for… Read More »

Software Autoinstallers

Software Auto Installer Inway Hosting chapter, you will learn about using different single- click installation options provided by Inway Hosting. We have put all our efforts to give you the best tools for installing applications vey rapidly and without any complications. We provide ecommerce web hosting india Topics of Software Auto installers of this Tutorial:… Read More »