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Email Forwarders -2

Forwarding Email (email aliases)

Inway Hosting Email Forwarding is a process by which same emails are send from one account to another again and again. Suppose you have an account, etc..And you want same emails which you received in the given email address to be in ,then simply you can forward the messages from one previous account to this account.

How to Add Email Forwarder?

You can go through the video Tutorial for adding email forwarder:

Email Forwarder Video Tutorial:

A detailed Tutorial on Adding email Forwarder

Step1: Click on Forwarders icon, located in the main screen of your cPanel interface, to access forwarders menu.


Step 2: On the opened Page of Email accounts Forwarders, you can found Add Forwarder, click on it.


Step 3: You will be redirected to the next page, add a new Forwarder, Enter user in the first blank space Address to Forward, then in the next line put the email address, to which you wish to forward the mail. Select the address to which messages should be forwarded.

In the next blank space, fill the name of sender who will receive message, if it failed to reach correct email id. We provide Email Hosting India



Click on Advanced option to select forwarding message to the system account.  You can either choose Pipe it to Program or Click on Discard the forwarded mail; it depends on your wish.


Step 4: To add the forwarder, click on Add Forwarder.

If you want to delete forwarder, click on delete button located next to it, on the same screen.



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