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WHM Reseller Tutorial

A  Detailed tutorial on WHM Reseller WHM means Web hosting Manager, is the managerial element of cPanel control panel software and supervise all features of hosting service.WHM permits its users to manage their hosting server through an intitutive easily available interface for e.g. it offers you to create and manage, add and edit hosting plans… Read More »

Spam Protection: SpamAssasin

Using Email Spam protection Spam Assassin is the email protection provided by Web Host solution. It is a tool that filters independently by using wide range of heuristic algorithm on headers and main body of the message to identify unsolicited mail “SPAM”. This software is much updated and so can eliminate nearby 100% of all… Read More »

Symbian e-mail settings

Symbian Email settings Email settings on mobile phone working on symbian are also very simple and easy. With the help of your smart phone find messages –>>options –>>settings –>>emails –>>mailboxes. Select the option Link and open a new mail box Select either IMAP4 /POP3 incoming server from the given option. Enter complete email address, and… Read More »

Account Information

Information related to Account On the left side of cPanel section located the column of Account information, Inway Hosting provides you all the information related to your hosting account. We provide linux web hosting india The details are given below as following: Hosting package – Displays the name of hosting account package. IP Address –… Read More »

cPanel Ports Tutorial

Cpanel Port Tutorial Firstly, check whether cPanel ports are open or not? You may face some issues while working with non- standard HTTP ports. Inway Hosting Generally cPanel opened through following: http://yourdomainname.com/cpanel http://yourdomainname.com:2082 http://cpanel.servername.com web hosting Local firewalls allow accessing to sites on Port 80 only. So in that case, you can use last URL mentioned… Read More »

Softaculous Tutorial: How to upgrade a script

Upgrading a script via Softaculous A Softaculous developer launches latest versions of applications frequently, which can be configured through auto installer. You can visit home page to access Softaculous. There you can see updates at the top of page, whether a new application is installed or not. Once you click on “Note” you will be redirected… Read More »

How to use Softaculous to install an application

Install Application via Softaculous Click on Softaculous icon located on main screen of cPanel interface, for accessing Softaculous. Firstly, log on to Softaculous, and choose the application from the address list located on left side of the screen, simply click on the application and follow the guidelines to install. The selected application will be installed… Read More »