Spam Protection: SpamAssasin

By | March 14, 2013

Using Email Spam protection

Spam Assassin is the email protection provided by Web Host solution. It is a tool that filters independently by using wide range of heuristic algorithm on headers and main body of the message to identify unsolicited mail “SPAM”. This software is much updated and so can eliminate nearby 100% of all spam messages. Its performance can be tuned by individual website owner and depends on Individual configuration.  The mail can be tagged as “SPAM” once it got recognized, and can be filtered later with the help of User’s Desktop mail client.

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Please follow the steps given below to configure your spam Assassin:

Step 1: Click on Spam Assassin button located on the main screen of cPanel interface, to access Spam Assain menu.


Step 2: Click on Enable Spam Assassin button, to enable Spam Assassin.


Step 3: Click on Disable Spam Assassin button, to disable Spam Assassin.


Step 4:  Click on Enable Spam Box, to enable Spam Box.

Step 5: Click on Disable Spam Box, to disable Spam Box.

Step 6: Click on Configure Spam Assassin, to configure Spam Assassin.



You will be redirected to the next page where you can see the aggressive nature of Spam Assassin for the spam messages. You are permitted to blacklist maximum five mail address from which you don’t want to receive mails. We provide cheapest web hosting in india


  • On the page Spam Assassin configuration, you can see the first blank space Required_score where you can fix the number of hits which is mandatory before considering a mail as Spam. It uses it own algorithm when it assigns spam scores to the messages. Usually spam assassin can be more aggressive, if you will set lower value for the incoming messages.
  • Spam Assassin undergoes a test, to which you have to assign scores in the Score Field.

White listed mail address can be inserted in the last five fields.  Check carefully that white list address which sends mail may not get tagged as Spam.. We provide CMS Hosting India

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