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By | March 14, 2013

Improving Security of your email

Email security means security of Email login details and email messages. Security risk factor is very high during data transmission, mainly on mobile and wireless networks. That’s why, it is suggested to use encryption when you are sending or checking emails. And this can be done with the help of given function:

Secure IMAP (IMAPs) – It helps in encrypting incoming communication from remote mail server. You can go through Inway Hosting guidelines to enable it on Link Outlook, Outlook Express, Mac Mail and Thunderbird.

Secure POP3 (POP3s) – it also performs the same function as IMAP i.e. helps in encrypting incoming message from remote mail server.  Follow the guidelines mentioned on Inway Hosting Tutorial to enable it on Link Outlook, Outlook Express, thunderbird and Mac mail.

Note: IMAP and POP3 are different from each other in the same way as Standard IMAP and POP3 protocols. IMAPs are more reliable and faster than POP3 protocol.  IMAP does not download only headers not the whole message and leaves the message on the server. If you are using IMAPs then your mails will not lost even when your PC crash down. As far as POP3 is concerned it downloads the whole message and stores it locally. We provide Email Hosting India

Secure SMTP (SMTPs) – It helps in encrypting outgoing communication to the remote mail server. Check these instructions on how to enable it on LINK Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Mac Mail.

Secure HTTP –It is used for accessing your webmail and you can go through the link We provide website hosting india

Further, in this chapter of Email Security you will learn about fighting with SPAM (unsolicited email) and viruses. Here you can find some tips mentioned below:

  • Update antivirus program on your PC. Better to use Norton Internet security which provides protection to anti virus and has an in built Spam.
  • Email client has to be updated to the latest version. Try freely available email client (e.g. Thunderbird) if you have problems in updating the current version. There are many versions targeted against outdated mail clients.
  • Even if the sender looks familiar to you never open suspicious attachments.
  • Avoid subscription of free newsletter, lotteries, or any new activities, as they are the main reason of increasing spam messages in your mail box.
  • With the help of SPF records, protect your domain from being spoofed by the spammers. Spoofing helps you in receiving bounced back messages that you have sent.
  • You can take help from Inway Hosting professional experts of Spam solution how to protect your email accounts against spam.

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