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Managing Accounts

How to Manage Accounts? Account Functions is the most useful feature of WHM section, where management of actual hosting accounts takes place. Here we have described each functions briefly, you can go through it one by one: Accounts sections include the following functions mentioned below: Creating New Account – it helps in creating new hosting accounts,… Read More »

First Steps in WHM – Initial Login and a Quick Tour

First Step of WHM – Login and Quick Tour For accessing WHM, first of all you have to Add/ WHM to your domain name (it’s important that domain should be pointed towards VPS with Inway hosting). For e.g. if site name is domain.com, then one can access their WHM interface by visiting http://domain.com/whm. If the… Read More »

WHM Reseller Tutorial

A  Detailed tutorial on WHM Reseller WHM means Web hosting Manager, is the managerial element of cPanel control panel software and supervise all features of hosting service.WHM permits its users to manage their hosting server through an intitutive easily available interface for e.g. it offers you to create and manage, add and edit hosting plans… Read More »

Creating Email Autoresponders

How to create Email Auto responder? Email Responders helps you to respond independently to the messages you received in your mail box. Suppose you are going for vacation for some time, you can inform your friends or colleagues through auto responder regarding your absence, they will receive the message automatically even if, you will not… Read More »


Email Forwarders -2 Forwarding Email (email aliases) Inway Hosting Email Forwarding is a process by which same emails are send from one account to another again and again. Suppose you have an account webmaster@yourdomainname.com, info@yourdomainname.com etc..And you want same emails which you received in the given email address to be in jim@yourdomain.com ,then simply you… Read More »

How to configure email clients

Configuring Email Clients To configure your Webmail you can employ either webmail interface or an email client. Check Inway Hosting Tutorial for using Link cPanel webmail. It depends on you which email client you want to use such as Microsoft Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Eudora, there settings are given below: Incoming mail… Read More »