First Steps in WHM – Initial Login and a Quick Tour

By | March 18, 2013

First Step of WHM – Login and Quick Tour

For accessing WHM, first of all you have to Add/ WHM to your domain name (it’s important that domain should be pointed towards VPS with Inway hosting). For e.g. if site name is, then one can access their WHM interface by visiting

If the domain is not pointed towards VPS, then you need not require to worry as you can add/WHM after your domain name (but Domain should be pointed towards VPS with Inway Hosting). Suppose you are hosted on then also, any time you can access your WHM by visiting

No matter which of the two ways you are using for accessing WHM, but you may receive a warning that you can’t trust on secure connection used for SSL certificate, it’s due to it is not signed by well known Certificate Authority (CA).

Here ignore this warning – as the connection is still very safe and secure and you can blindly accept /trust certificate. You received a warning because cPanel uses a shared SSL which is self-signed. So, again you can easily accept the certificate and proceed further to login next page once you ignore the problem. We provide reseller hosting india

The moment you accept the certificate, a new window will pop up asking for your username and password.  If you deny to give the essential login details and Click Cancel, you may login to default WHM page:


After login, you can see WHM/Home Main Page:


In the left column you can find all options you require for managing your hosting service. It is further classified into several sections; here you can an option for rapidly finding the option you may require.

These sections are quite self explained and are the most important part of Inway tutorials. In this section you may visit packages and account functions the most. Here you can create, edit, and remove account and hosting packages. In next pages, we will explain you everything about this topics in detail. We provide linux web hosting india

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