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Creating Email Autoresponders

How to create Email Auto responder? Email Responders helps you to respond independently to the messages you received in your mail box. Suppose you are going for vacation for some time, you can inform your friends or colleagues through auto responder regarding your absence, they will receive the message automatically even if, you will not… Read More »

FileZilla Tutorial: Functions

Functions of FileZilla FileZilla has several characters which makes its usage easy and broadens its functions. Inway Hosting chapter, we will describe various functions of FileZilla. Site Manager First function is Site Manager; it is located in File Menu. With its help one can store the details of connection for developing a new website. So,… Read More »

FileZilla Tutorial: Management

Managing Files with FileZilla In this part of our FileZilla tutorial we will explain how to manage your files through FileZilla. We will use the software installation on a Ubuntu Linux distribution. The functionality of the application on the other operating systems is pretty much the same. Establish FTP connection We will start with the… Read More »

FileZilla Tutorial: Installation

A Brief knowledge about FileZilla- installation Inway Hosting chapter of FileZilla tutorial, you will learn about installing FTP client in three most important operating system – Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Firstly download FileZilla and Install in your PC directly from the Link FileZilla Download section. The installation of FileZilla on windows OS is very… Read More »

Account Usage Statistics

Account Usage Stats Statistics is mentioned on the left side of cPanel menu, where one can access the resource usage of account. We provide website hosting india Inway Hosting inludes the following items: Main Domain – contains the name of primary Domain. Disk Space Usage – indicates the disk space usage of account in MB.… Read More »

cPanel Advanced Tutorial

cPanel Advanced Tutorial Inway Hosting Advanced segment of cPanel you can find several tools whose functions are described below:- We provide best web hosting india Apache Handlers– this tool helps in defining different types of files that cab be accessed by Apache. Image Manger – this tool helps in managing images of your account. You… Read More »