IP Deny manager

By | March 11, 2013

IP Deny Manager

Tips for using IP Deny Manager

The main function of IP Deny Manager is to prevent or Block IP address and domain name from accessing the site. If anyone who access your site and use large volume of your bandwidth, or post nasty contents, can be prevented from accessing the site by doing changes in the IP Deny Manager. We provide cheapest web hosting in india.

Deny manager Denies access to a IP Address or Domain.

You can check in the video Tutorial about denying access to a domain

In this chapter of Inway Hosting Tutorial you will learn about Deny Access to IP or Domain.

Step 1: Enter into your cPanel interface, click on respective icon in the given security segment, to access IP Deny Manager.

Step 2: You can enter directly the domain name or IP Address, which you want to deny accessing from the blank space locating next to Domain or IP Address. (You can insert an IP block such as 1.2.3. to deny access to all IPs which start from 1.2.3.).

Step 3: Click Add button located on that page.



It’s very important that IP Address or domain name has to be filled in correct format while entering IPs or Domains to deny. IPs must be written in given format, and domain should appear like domain.com. We provide Website registration India

Accessing to a denied IP address

Inway Hosting you can utilize IP Deny Manager to permit access from that particular IP address, If no longer you want to deny access from a that IP address,

Step 1: Click on the given icon located in the security region of cPanel interface, for accessing IP Deny manager.

Step 2: Click on the Remove button located next to the blocked IP or IP range, if you want to allow accessing.

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