HotLink Protection Tutorial

By | March 11, 2013

Hot Link Protection

Hot Link Protection is a tool which allows its users to check and stops other websites from directly connecting to files located on your website. This shows that whenever another website visits your place, it cannot upload pictures from your website. In Inway Hosting you can prevent rising outbound traffic for your account.

It can be more cleared by the example; hot link allows a different website to use HTML code for displaying the image of your website whereas other websites uses their bandwidth quota to display the image. We provide Cheap hosting India

Click on Hot Link Protection Video Tutorial:

A Detailed Tutorial on Hotlink Protection

Click on Hot Link protection icon located on the main screen of cPanel and follow the guidelines or instruction for using the tool. Add the website you want to access to your files – they can be a relatives or friends linked to your banners.


Enter the extensions of the types of file in the given space, if you want to block the files from accessing- By doing this you can permits other websites to  arrive at your image but do not allow accessing of Audio or Video tutorial.

All the domain names which you have in your Inway hosting can be added to the allowed list via cPanel. Still you can also add the left domain names manually, if you have accounts on other servers also.

It’s very important that, all sites have to be added in the first field which needs accessing of your protected files, make sure it should not be visible to them. If still the problem persists and you are not able to view the files, disable Hot Link protection to check the real cause of problem.

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