cPanel Databases Tutorial

By | March 11, 2013

cPanel Database

Inway Hosting Database column of cPanel plays a vital role in creating My SQL and Postgre SQLdatabase and permits users to access and modify the database whenever required. SQL means Structured Query Language.SQL is a specially designed programming language and an international standard which includes insert, query, update and delete, creation and modification and includes controlling data access.PostgreSQL, is defined as an object-relational Database Management System. We provide Cloud Hosting India

Inway Hosting My SQL is a SQL server which responds to requirements written in SQL language only for getting information. One can also respond to My SQL with the help of various programming Language for e.g. PHP. MySQL is a free and most commonly used Open Source Software. Database section of cPanel also contains many tools which performs different functions.


MySQL Databases

If you want to know more about it please go through our PHP / MySQL tutorial

There you can find details about PHP- What it is? And what are its uses? We provide linux web hosting india

About My SQL and its Benefits:

Link to create a MySQL database and user – It is a important place where you can install a ready-made designed PHP or MySQL script on your site;
Link to remove a MySQL database and user;
Link to manage MySQL databases via phpMyAdmin or through a Remote Connection;
Link to connect PHP scripts via MySQL data;

Link to connecting to the Database via PHP code
Link to execute commands on the server;
Link to display table data in HTML;
Link to select individual records;
Link to add MySQL access hosts;

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