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What is new with WordPress 3.8

WordPress 3.8 is currently accessible via Softaculous. Upgrade your existing installation to 3.8 with one click or install a recent new blog. WordPress has gotten a facelift. 3.8 brings a recent vogue to the complete admin dashboard. Gone are domineering gradients and dozens of reminder grey — induce an even bigger, bolder, additional colourful design!… Read More »

Benefits of Server Mirroring

The term Mirror, as we tend to all know, are a few things that have a reflective surface or that show a uniform image. In Datacentre business additionally, this delineation is applied to servers and databases / applications for attaining the fault tolerances of the machines. It includes in operation a back-up server that replicates… Read More »

cPanel Files Section

Files Section of cPanel Inway Hosting the Files section located in cPanel consist of the following tools – Backups, Legacy File Manager, Backup Wizard, FTP accounts, FTP Tutorials,  FTP Session Control, File Manager, Backup restore and Anonymous FTP: Backups – This tool allows the users to download from your PC an archive copy of either entire… Read More »

What is PhpMyAdmin?

PhpMyAdmin PhpMyAdmin is one of the most powerful PHP applications and MY SQL administration tools used with the help of web browser. This software is capable of performing numerous functions such as creating, modifying and deleting data’s, fields, tables and rows, by managing users and functions and executing SQL statements. Inway Hosting Tutorial provides their… Read More »

How to use your existing domain with Inway

Tips to Use Your Existing Domain with Inway web hosting India have a very good option of using the existing Domain name, while making a new  account  with Inway; it’s quite easy and convenient also. You just have to follow the simple procedure of replacing your old Host DNA settings with the new Inway Hosting accounts.… Read More »

How to Install SugarCRM

Simple Tips to Install and use SugarCRM SugarCRM is a software company based in California; it gets the name SugarCRM because it produces web application sugar. It is a customer Relationship management system accessible in open source and commercial open source applications both. It offers a lot of function in Sales, Marketing, and customer support,… Read More »