MySQL Tutorial – Remote Database Access

By | March 13, 2013

My SQL Tutorial – Accessing of database

How to add My SQL access Host?

My SQL database can be accessed through an external location via adding its domain name or IP address to the directory of host which can access database distantly. In addition to this database can also be managed with the help of application for managing remote database, the list of allowed host has to be connected to the IP address. Inway Hosting My SQL tutorial provides access to remote database. We provide reseller hosting india

For adding allowed host access the tool through Remote My SQL located in cPanel.

Assess host step-1

The next page open to you is “remote Database access Host” here enter the domain name or IP address.

Assess host step-2

Click on the button “Add Host”.

Soon you will get the confirmation message just after successful addition of host. In the next step access Remote My SQL the new Host which will be added to the list Access Hosts. We provide google web hosting India

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