MySQL GUI Tools Tutorial

By | March 13, 2013

My SQL Tutorials – GUI Tools

My SQL GUI Tool Package is a set of various tools which helps in completing all task related to My SQL database. This application can be installed in your PC and use it for administration of your database. We provide web hosting India

My SQL GUI Tools Tutorial includes the following points:

Using My SQL Administrator link to back up a database;

Using My SQL Administrator link to restore a database;

Using My SQL Query Browser link to accessing database and executing queries on it;

My SQL tool package can be downloaded from the link My SQL Official website. You may face difficulties in exporting and importing large volume of data (over 50MB) through PhpMyAdmin tool located in cPanel. Then My SQL GUI tools provide great help.

Before connecting to the My SQL database allow accessing of your server through host.

To get more information about the same go through the tutorial on Link Adding My SQL Access hosts. We provide web hosting  services in India

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