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By | March 9, 2013

Files Section of cPanel

Inway Hosting the Files section located in cPanel consist of the following tools – Backups, Legacy File Manager, Backup Wizard, FTP accounts, FTP Tutorials,  FTP Session Control, File Manager, Backup restore and Anonymous FTP:


Backups – This tool allows the users to download from your PC an archive copy of either entire site (which includes – your home directory, databases, email forwarders configuration, email filters configuration etc…) or each one of the earlier mentioned parts of your site independently.


NB:  The account limit of backup are 500 MB, if it exceeds 500 MB backup functions cannot be used. For creating a full cPanel backup of an account exceeding 500Mb one needs system resources and may cause danger to the overall performance of the shared server. And also it can hamper the process of back up generation. For more Details, you can go through our comprehensive manual backup instructions.

Backup Wizard – Inway Hosting wizard helps you to easily create and restore the backup of your web site. All the above mentioned features and rules are applicable for this tool as well.


Legacy File Manager – Here you can see how the Legacy File Manager works.

File Manager – File manger plays a vital role in managing the site not through any FTP tool or other application but with the help of HTTP. You can do all tasks like uploading, creating or deleting files, organizing files in folders, changing file permissions, creating and extracting archives. Although it is not so advanced and technically sound but provides all functions required for managing your site.

FTP accounts – This tool of cPanel allows users to create, manage and delete separate FTP accounts. A third party FTP program is required to check your files. You can also identify the directory which FTP account has accessed. Alter its quota. The Configured FTP Client trait displays the proper settings for an FTP client which you can easily configure.

At the end of the FTP accounts page, there are the raw access logs set for download with the help of FTP connection.

NB: it indicates that for allowing your raw logs to work, your domain should be pointed to the server

FTP Session Control – This task allows you to check the current login details of your site via FTP and also allows you to terminate any FTP Hosting connection of your website.


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