Managing DNS Zones

By | March 18, 2013

Manage DNS Zones

In Inway Hosting chapter of WHM Tutorials, you will learn about DNS Function located at WHM section:


In this section you will be able to manage DNS of all settings hosted on VPS. Here you can manage DNS zones of your domains and can also edit zone templates. We provide reseller hosting india

What is a DNS Zone?

DNS Zone is the administrative part of the domain system, responsible for sending domain’s traffic to the exact location. Alternatively, it is the place where all DNS records are stored and it also tells where an IP (Sub Domain) should be pointed, which is a mail server controlling the mails for the domain.

Click on Add a DNS Zone button, to add a DNS zone. Enter the IP address which domain has to resolve (usually it is primary IP of the VPS and never can be secondary) and includes the domain also.


To create Zone on the server, click on Add Zone. Go to Edit DNS Zone, if you want to make some modification in the DNS setting. Click on Delete a DNS Zone, if you want to remove it. If you want to return back to the original page, click on Reset a DNS Zone.

The Edit MX entry tool permits you to configure the email routes for the domains located on the server. It directs mail server for a particular domain, along with highest priority value which is 0. Indicating this mail server being the first one to access the emails of the domain.

The Edit Zone Templates will help in editing default DNS Zones used while creating DNS entries.  Until you have the custom setup and knowledge about this tool you can’t access it. We provide website hosting india

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