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By | March 18, 2013

Web Hosting and its Uses

An internet hosting service that allows users and association to access websites through World Wide Web is known as Web hosting. In generic terms, it is used to explain the web services you receive. These services include:

  • To register a domain name, like- example.org
  • Use the domain name for Serving a website  like http;//example.org
  • To have a website Building Tool or Link blog or Link CMS application.
  • Use email with your domain name me@example.org
  • Other services includes – Taking back up of data’s online, supporting chat and voice services etc…

Freely available Web Hosting:

Let us tell you that Link web Hosting cannot be essentially purchased. One can have their own free web hosting, almost all computers having an internet connection provides web hosting with some technical facts. Alternatively you may require a complex set up for web hosting for a busy and rich featured websites which is quite expensive also. After all it depends on your requirement and needs.

But sometimes, people may have common requirements, like simple websites (CMS, blogs, Forums and many other software’s and for their domain name an email solution. We provide Website registration India

Shared / Dedicated Hosting

Many people prefer more acceptable shared Hosting solution; it is fast, stable and easily affordable. Though in shared Hosting, resources are shared among users and it has certain disadvantages as far as performance and configuration flexibility are concerned. For e.g. you can’t expect shared server to get reconfigured to meet your demands, if your application has a specific server necessity.

That’s the reason expensive dedicated solution came into existenance. These are dedicated resources with high end servers and offer much faster performance and global server reconfiguration.

Price of Dedicated solution is more than $100 whereas prices of shared hosting vary from $5 to $10per month. It’s better to purchase managed shared hosting solution, if your websites need a dedicated machine and at the same time you are not much experienced user. In dedicated hosting, the hosting company will provide all server settings and security protection to your websites.  The price of managed dedicated solution starts from $200per month. We provide web hosting India

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