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By | March 14, 2013

Changing MX record of your Domain name

Choice 1: Change MX record to point it towards server hostname

If you want your emails to be handled by your web hosting provider (like- Inway and your domain name to be pointed somewhere else, then you can do this by pointing your domain MX( mail exchange) record to your host.

If you want to point your mail service to Inway hosting, then change the MX record of your domain name pointing towards your server’s hostname. For e.g. change your MX record to, if your account is hosted on

The mail will not be pointed correctly, if you forget to put full stop at the end.

If you want to check at Inway hosting the server which hosts your account from customer area then, go to manage area of Account section. Go through the detailed tutorial about finding correct DNS setting for your domain name.

Choice 2: Creating a sub domain and MX record to this sub domain

On the other hand, you can create a sub domain: and point it towards IP of the server hosting account. Then edit MX record pointing towards new sub domain:

Inway hosting IP server, is the place where your account is hosted and can found in your customer area, at Manage section of my account segment.

You can contact other Host/registrar for further assistance, if you want to know about changing DNS settings. After pointing your MX record to its new location give up to 48hrs to DNS change to propagate.

Choice 3: Pointing Your MX record to an external mail exchange

If you want to use email services of another company, then point your MX record to their email server. And you can do this by clicking on MX entry located at cPanel interface.


From the drop down menu, select the domain name for which you want to change MX record.


Then, load default MX record configuration. At present Inway hosting clients can get benefited from the link Spam experts providing solution to spam protection and resolution to default MX records to the server clusters. We provide Entreprise Web Hosting India


Click on Revert default button, if you want to restore default configuration, if it get changed.

Click on Disable Spam Expert button, if you want to disable spam expert set up and want to use standard domain as MX record.


You can also configure the required MX record for Google by clicking on Set Google MX button.


After setting MS record, wait for 48 hours till DNS change propagates. We provide web hosting companies india

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