Email Security: User/Account level filtering

By | March 14, 2013

Email Filtration

Inway Hosting Email Filtration is the process which helps emails to systematize them in a specified manner. Although it refers to automatic process of incoming messages but sometimes it is also interrupted by human minds in addition to anti spam techniques.

Step 1: Log into cPanel of your account, and click on User Level filtering icon located at the   Mail section of the screen.


Step2: If you want to add more filters, click on Manage filters option located to the next page.


Step 3: Click on Create anew filter to add filter.


Step 4: In the option Filter name type a unique name for the filter

Step 5: In the Rules section, select Rules that a mail should follow to get filtered.



Step 6: From the action drop down menu select the actions to be performed when a mail follows the rule mentioned in the filter.


You can either add rules or delete rules and actions just by clicking on the “+ve” or   “- ve” option located next to each rule and action respectively. We provide Cheap hosting India

Step 7:  Click on Activate to enable filtering.



Filtration at Account Level

Account Level filtering is applicable at global level for the whole cPanel account , this is the only major difference between account level filtering and user level filtering .Otherwise both are same.

Write a message in the Filter Test box, and click on Test Filter to check whether messages are send or not. Words can be used from filters in this message to verify that they are working.

Please keep in mind that you can’t receive a copy of it in the mailbox for which you have applied email filtering. We provide Email Hosting India

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