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cPanel Databases Tutorial

cPanel Database Inway Hosting Database column of cPanel plays a vital role in creating My SQL and Postgre SQLdatabase and permits users to access and modify the database whenever required. SQL means Structured Query Language.SQL is a specially designed programming language and an international standard which includes insert, query, update and delete, creation and modification and… Read More »

How to run MySQL query with PhpMyAdmin

Running My SQL Query via  PhpMyAdmin In Inway Hosting chapter of PhpMyAdmin, you will learn about constructing and running My SQL query. There are two modes of running My SQL query, which further depends on MySQL syntax level of knowledge. We provide best web hosting india Advance users can choose SQL tab, there you can… Read More »

PhpMyAdmin Features

Characteristic Features of PhpMyAdmin Inway Hosting main Characteristics features of PhpMyAdmin are as follows: It has a user friendly Web- interface. MY SQL database management including various functions like browsing, creating, copying, editing database,tables,fields, indexes, and resolving queries. Importing data from CSV and SQL Files. Exporting data to various formats – like SQL, XML, PDF,CSV,ISO/IEC… Read More »

How to Change File and Folder Permissions (CHMOD) with SmartFTP

Guidelines for changing File and Folder permissions (CHMOD) with Smart FTP Basics of CHMOD – The full form of CHMOD is “Change Mode”. CHMOD is the UNIX command used to change and access the file system (both Files and Directories). Generally there are three modes of a file which can be enabled or disabled –… Read More »