Softaculous: Install Scripts

By | March 11, 2013

Install Scripts via Softaculous

Inway Hosting chapter, you will learn methods to install scripts via Softaculous Auto installer. To explain it more clearly, we are installing Word press, a renowned blogging application.  However you can use any scripts well placed in Softaculous hosting packages.

Sign in to cPanel

Inway Hosting, login to your cPanel, for accessing Softaculous installer. Enter the URL and login with your user name and password. Place your Domain that you are using for your hosting account in place of Click on the Softaculous icon located on the section of Software/ Services. We provide Cheap Web Hosting India


Select a script

On the left side of Softaculous panel you can find different categories of scripts located in that area. The first category blogs includes Word Press application. Click on small grey arrow located next to the category, to check all the applications. While displaying the applications the category keeps on expanding. Click on the icon of Word press to install that application. You can see it here in the given page.


Fill Installation Details

The detail of script become visible and allows you to check Ratings, Reviews, and access demonstrations of the given applications. Next to “Overview” Button you can find “Install link” click on the corresponding icon and proceed.


On the next page you have to fill the installation information – like Domain name, administration Login details and Installation directory etc… Softaculous may choose your primary Domain name by default and install it to your main web root folder “public_html”. Type the name of the folder in the directory field, if you wish new installation to be in a new sub –folder. We also recommend you to edit the default admin login details time to time to protect it from hackers. Kindly check all information before proceeding to next step.

Complete installation

For installing the script, scroll down the page to the end and click “install” button. An installation generally completes in 15-30 seconds but, larger applications may take some more time.


After successful configuration, Softaculous installer shows a page linking it to your newly installed applications. Click it to see the newly built website and administration of the software. We provide FTP Hosting India

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