How to manage MySQL database tables with PhpMyAdmin

By | March 8, 2013

Managing My SQL database Tables through PhpMyAdmin

The main role of PhpMyAdmin is to manage database.

Click on the database option, select the database which you want to operates and click on it again. We provide website hosting india


The new page opened, will contain list of database tables along with its action, the complete details like number of record, size of tables, search engines and the overhead.


All work, which one can execute in selected tables are as follows:


Tables with an existing record can be browsed only; once you click on “Browse” option a new page will open containing all the existing files, click on the icon, you want to edit the record.


In this way, one can see the structure of record and alter the values of record.


Next one is structure; in this function one can visit database table structure.


One can visualize field’s name, their types, collation, structure, attributes, extra additional information, default values and check whether field’s value can be NULL.  Here you can browse the selected values by clicking the respective icons and also edit and delete field structure. Indexes can be defined into several types – Primary, Unique, Index and Full text.

If you want to know more about Indexes, you can go through My SQL index documentation.

In the Index region, one can locate indexes for Tables and fields which can be further edited or deleted.

Apart from this, one can also check Space usage and Row Statistics on the same page.

Search Insert

Through search option one can generate search query fro selected Table.


You can choose either “WHERE” clause or “Query by example” function. Then click on Go button to complete the task.

For e.g. if you want to see all records with a field value then choose the field you want to show. Select the LIKE operator from main menu and enter in given field value a% (where % indicates wild card string). Click on Go button to proceed further.


In the Insert Function, you can insert all records of your database table.


Once you filled the selected value, click on Go button and new record will be inserted.


In this option, one can empty your database table, remove the data and keep empty table.



In Drop option, one can delete whole table and records stored in it.


One can check out the steps to mange My SQL database via PhpMyAdmin tutorial. We provide Cloud Hosting India

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