What is MySQL?

By | March 13, 2013

Basics of My SQL

My SQL is the world’s most recommended Open source Relational Database Management System which provides multi user access to a numerous database using SQL (structured Query Language).

SQL is the most accepted language use to add, access and manage content in database. MySQL is the most vital content of every open source PHP application and well known for its quick processing, reliability, ease and flexible uses. Some e.g. of PHP/My SQL language based scripts are- link PHP BB, OS commerce and Joomla. We provide Online shopping website hosting

One of the advantage of My SQL is it has a My SQL specialized Host. Inway hosting provides some unique features on  that you will not get any where else:

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  • We provide various MySQL tools like CMS system, galleries, forums, blogs, shopping carts and many more.
  • We offers infinite database and supports both My SQL 4and My SQL 5.
  • We provide the best My SQL hosting package in the market including various features and good quality at low price.

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