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By | March 14, 2013

Accessing web mail through cPanel

In this chapter, you will learn how to access your email accounts. You can do it by using either Webmail interface or an email client. You can also take help from Inway hosting step to step guidelines to configure email client, go through the link MS outlook and LINK Mozilla Thunderbird.

Accessing webmail interface is an easy and simple job, you can do it with the help of given link http://www.yourdomainname.com/webmail. Here your “domain name” has to be replaced by your “actual domain name”. If this not functioning properly then your ISP may block the functioning of non-standard ports which is loaded through a SSL connection. In that case you can take help from the given link http://webmail.servername.com.  Here “Servername.com” has to be replaced with name of your server (e.g. http://webmail.INWAYHOSTING.com).

To login into the webmail interface or setting your email client software, use your complete user account name. For e.g. user@yourdomainname.com instead of user. We provide web hosting  services in India

You can select any three webmail clients, once you have login into your account. These clients are Horde, Squirrel Mail and Round Cube. You can choose any one depending upon your preference.


Login into the default system email account if you are logging into your webmail via webmail icon located on the main screen of cPanel.

Sometimes email may get saved in Junk folders if you are using default email account for sending emails. To use your email, you should create an additional email account either with same or different user name.

Go to email account option located at your Cpanel to login into your email account and than click to access webmail link located next to the account. Type your username and password of the account and click on login button.

Sending Emails through webmail

Email can be send easily with the help of webmail client.  Find New message option in Horde, Compose in Squirrel mail and Create New Message in Round Cube, here you can write new message.

Don’t forget to save your messages while writing for longer duration as you may loose your content in between. We provide Email Hosting India

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