Smart Phones: BlackBerry

By | March 14, 2013

BlackBerry: Smart Phones

Activating Mail service on blackberry smart phone is very easy and trouble free process.

Firstly load set up section on your phone.


Navigate set up Wizard icon located at Email Set up section.



On the page of Email set up you have to select an email set up option, click on I want to create or add an email address option. Then again click on Next button.


On the next page you can see Email Accounts. We provide Email Hosting India .Add an existing email account to the given option.


Please follow the guidelines mentioned in our E-mail Tutorial of Inway Hosting, if you have not configured your e-mail account yet. We provide website hosting india

The most popular email providers like Hotmail, yahoo, AOL, G mail etc… are pre installed in your phone. Click on Other option, if you want to set up an Inway Hosting account on your Blackberry phone.


Enter your Email Id and password and click on Next option.


Immediately you will receive confirmation message after successful connection to your email account.

Now you can see a new icon for corresponding email account on your mobile’s main screen. You can send, receive and compose a mail as the incoming and outgoing mails are automatically set.

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