MySQL Backup/Restore Tutorial

By | March 13, 2013

My SQL Tutorial – Creating Back up and Restoring It

My SQL Export- creating backup of your My SQL Database

A dump file (export/ back up) of a database can be easily created which is used by your account. You can do this by accessing PhpMyAdmin Tools located on Database section of your cPanel. We provide Cloud Hosting India


PhpMyAdmin tools can be loaded very easily in very less time.

Select the option Database located on top left corner of the menu.


You will be redirected to a new page loaded with PhpMyAdmin which will show the selected Database. Click on Export tab to proceed with the back up.


Apart from Default options, the option which you select will be saved as File and will save file in .SQL format in your computer. Also ADD DROP TABLE it adds the function of drop table, if the table subsist in database back up as described below:


Click on Go button to start export or backup functions of your database:


Depending on your Browser’s setting, it may happen that downloading will start automatically. And you can save the file in any place you want in your PC.

My SQL Import: Restoring My SQL database from a back up

Click on Import Tab, located on left side of the menu, for importing or restoring database through PhpMyAdmin, firstly select the database where you will be importing data into.



You can also import a .SQL file. Select the file from the database of your PC from the drop down menu located just below the uploading box. Keep the default one, if you are not sure about the character set which your Database is using.


Click on Go button located at right side of bottom to restore the database. Soon you will receive a notification after successful database import. We provide website hosting india

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