Smart Phones: Windows Mobile

By | March 14, 2013

Windows Mobile: Smart phones

In Inway Hosting chapter, you will learn about, setting an email account on touch screen smart phone which functions with the help of windows mobile. The old windows mobile appliances set ups are also same.

You can follow the guidelines published on Inway hosting tutorial, if you do not have an email account. Follow the link given below:

Click on Messaging function of Start option, on your smart phone and set up an E-mail option.

Enter the details email address and password. And Click on Next option so that the application can find your email account’s settings with the help of Internet connection. We provide Business Web Hosting India

Enter the details manually, if the settings cannot locate them automatically. To proceed further click on next Button. Then select the type of email account you want choose. Click on Internet Email.  Enter the details account name and display name. Also you can use random strings.

On the main screen you may require to fill the details like- Incoming mail server settings, its type (IMAP or POP3) the username and password of email account and the Outgoing mail server details. Do not forget to click on the checkbox of Outgoing server requires authentication appearing on the last page of screen. We provide Email Hosting India

Select options to using SSL for incoming and outgoing connections located at advanced settings.

To complete the entire set up click on Finish Button.

And access your emails from your mobile phone.

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