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PhpMyAdmin Features

Characteristic Features of PhpMyAdmin Inway Hosting main Characteristics features of PhpMyAdmin are as follows: It has a user friendly Web- interface. MY SQL database management including various functions like browsing, creating, copying, editing database,tables,fields, indexes, and resolving queries. Importing data from CSV and SQL Files. Exporting data to various formats – like SQL, XML, PDF,CSV,ISO/IEC… Read More »

How to Install vTiger

Simple Tips to install and Use vTiger vTiger is open source CRM software, mainly used for enhancing business productivity and maximising sales and marketing. It plays very wide role in multiplying the business and offers many functions right from email marketing, sales, invoices, customer reports, portals inventory management and many more. we provide best web… Read More »

How to Use the Website Wizard

 Simple Tips to use Website Wizard Even if you are developing your web page for the first time, and if you are confused while making selection with the best website wizard, you need not require to worry, as Inway hosting will provide you all the necessary guidelines required for completing this tedious task in short… Read More »

How to Install Magento

Simple Tips to Install and Use Magento Magento is one of the most common open source e-commerce applications which make the system versatile and adaptable to both Web platform as well as e-commerce platform by using coding process. It offers several features and tools essential for online shopping like product display, transactions options, mobile templates,… Read More »