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HotLink Protection Tutorial

Hot Link Protection Hot Link Protection is a tool which allows its users to check and stops other websites from directly connecting to files located on your website. This shows that whenever another website visits your place, it cannot upload pictures from your website. In Inway Hosting you can prevent rising outbound traffic for your… Read More »

Account Information and Stats

Account Details and Statistics Inway hosting tutorial provides all the tools available with cPanel which illustrate account information and statistics usage. Apart from this in your cPanel hosting account you can locate multiple in house built tools which provide all the necessary information of the accounts. My SQL Databases Link related to Account information Link… Read More »

How to install PhpMyAdmin

Installing PhpMyAdmin Inway hosting provides all its users account pre-installed PhpMyAdmin Software, which is accessible through PhpMyAdmin in cPanel. We provide CMS Hosting India   In the following section of PhpMyAdmin tutorial, we will provide you all the necessary detail required for installing PhpMyAdmin in your account. Still, you may require to install this software… Read More »

What is PhpMyAdmin?

PhpMyAdmin PhpMyAdmin is one of the most powerful PHP applications and MY SQL administration tools used with the help of web browser. This software is capable of performing numerous functions such as creating, modifying and deleting data’s, fields, tables and rows, by managing users and functions and executing SQL statements. Inway Hosting Tutorial provides their… Read More »

How to Install SugarCRM

Simple Tips to Install and use SugarCRM SugarCRM is a software company based in California; it gets the name SugarCRM because it produces web application sugar. It is a customer Relationship management system accessible in open source and commercial open source applications both. It offers a lot of function in Sales, Marketing, and customer support,… Read More »

How to Install vTiger

Simple Tips to install and Use vTiger vTiger is open source CRM software, mainly used for enhancing business productivity and maximising sales and marketing. It plays very wide role in multiplying the business and offers many functions right from email marketing, sales, invoices, customer reports, portals inventory management and many more. we provide best web… Read More »

How to Install WordPress using Softaculous?

Simple tips to Install and Use WordPress Word Press is most commonly used open source Content Management system (CMS) and a blogging tool based on PHP and MY SQL. It is the highly recommended blogging system used over World Wide Web. Its numerous features help users in creating not only online blog but also complete… Read More »