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How to use phpMyAdmin

My SQL Tutorial: Using PhpMyAdmin Accessing and Managing your My SQL Database – PhpMyAdmin There are two methods for accessing and managing your newly created database. One is primarily through web based manager- PhpMyAdmin located in Database section of cPanel. You will be redirected to the new webpage and load PhpMyAdmin as shown below: Check… Read More »

FileZilla Tutorial: Features

A complete Guide on FileZilla Features One of the biggest advantage of FileZilla is that this application is very user friendly, and can be easily uploaded, downloaded, and manage the files and folders. And this software provides utmost security and save your data from being encrypted while connecting to the server. We provide FTP Hosting… Read More »

Detailed FileZilla Tutorial

A detailed Guide in FileZilla Link FileZilla Features Link FileZilla Installation – Inway Hosting chapter, you will learn methods to install FTP client on three most popular operating systems: Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Link How to manage Files with FileZilla Link File Zilla Functions Using FileZilla FTP Client After downloading FileZilla and activating in… Read More »

PhpMyAdmin administration

Administrative Function of PhpMyAdmin In Inway Hosting chapter of PhpMyAdmin, you will learn about the function of software, integrated in cPanel. Enter PhpMyAdmin application, to access its different functions. In the upper section you can locate server Hostname and the entire database will be located on the same server, since software and host name is:… Read More »

What is PhpMyAdmin?

PhpMyAdmin PhpMyAdmin is one of the most powerful PHP applications and MY SQL administration tools used with the help of web browser. This software is capable of performing numerous functions such as creating, modifying and deleting data’s, fields, tables and rows, by managing users and functions and executing SQL statements. Inway Hosting Tutorial provides their… Read More »

How to Install SugarCRM

Simple Tips to Install and use SugarCRM SugarCRM is a software company based in California; it gets the name SugarCRM because it produces web application sugar. It is a customer Relationship management system accessible in open source and commercial open source applications both. It offers a lot of function in Sales, Marketing, and customer support,… Read More »